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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mitt Romney And Father Follow Bush Family Father-Son Reversal

What a stark contrast between father and son. I just don't feel that Mitt refuses to release his tax returns simply because his father was humiliated for his transparency. His refusal to release his returns doesn't make a lot of sense for someone running for president. He wants Americans to invest in him. So he has to invest in Americans. It's just that simple. Will Mitt do the right thing as president? Those tax returns will help alleviate some of those concerns. Let's face it. If he wants to garner those voters who have some uneasiness about the 1%, yet would rather not vote for Obama, this would be his ticket. No one is asking him to give up his fortune. We want to know how he handles his fortune, nothing more. Folks from both sides of the aisle are requesting that he give up those returns. He needs to go ahead and do it. Mitt may be clever at diverting a discourse, but this is one he isn't winning.

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