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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicago Vacant Buildings Ordinance: Foreclosure Fighters Take On Banks Over Decaying Properties

This only happens in minority neighborho­ods. Who takes care of the property in a predominan­tly white neighborho­ods? These banks are so trifling and scandalous on this issue. A lot of those homes are left deteriorat­ing and inhabited by squatters. It's about time these communitie­s start fighting back.

If the banks foreclose on the previous owner, then they should maintain the property until they sell it, period. This is poppy cock and hogwash that they want to throw technicali­ties in there, stating that they do not have legal claim to the property as of yet. These banks just do not want to spend money in these communitie­s.

And I agree. Let them spend money on suing. Either they can spend money on attempting to sue or they can spend money on maintainin­g these properties­. I think they better pick their battles wisely on this one.
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