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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chicago's Black Population Dwindles, Census Numbers Show

Many more Blacks in Chicago have in fact been moving to the suburbs . For one, many of Chicago’s inner city schools are not conducive for children. The suburbs has become a place where working class families can escape from the "dangers" and noise pollution of the city. In fact, Chicago housing projects where many lower income families lived for decades, have been torn down, while replacing them with high end condos for people in higher income brackets or for additional housing for some of the universiti­es. There by making it accessible for the lake, the beaches, boutiques, high-end restaurant­s and shops. The city has been transformi­ng to a place for single, high income folks who have access to some of the best universiti­es, entertainm­ent, bars, restaurant­s and so on.

There has been ongoing talks over the past decade in a half about lower income families being pushed to suburban areas; some of these suburbs contain lower income housing. This has made it feasible for black families with low income. However many suburbs are occupied by higher middle class or wealthy families with its own fruits and piece of heaven that services the needs of its community.

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